Lotus Paper Folding Book 3: ORIGAMI ART


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  • Paper Folding Book 3 Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, This paper folding book specially designed for beginner to the art of origami, with clear illustrations and simple instructions.
  • In this book you can get models of Lantern,Duck,Tortoise,Santa-1,Cap,Hat,Flower,Gift Bow,Traditional Box,V-Jet Fighter,Aeroplane,Paper Doll,Pen Holder,Santa-2,Bed,Rabbit,Dog,Hat 1,Crown,Wall Flowerpot,Star,Cup,Fish,Caterpillar,Plane,Finger Puppet,Crab.

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  • Features : Scanned Pages
  • Best For: Web, Tablet
  • Other : 32 Pages